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Full story of Kirill Serebrennikow’s show trial

John Freedman, theatre critic for The Moscow Times, provides analysis and background for the case against Russian director Kirill Serebrennikow as worldwide protest continues.

The Moscow Times also reported that Serebrennikow allegedly passed a letter to the German actor Lars Eidinger (Schaubühne Berlin) with instructions to publish in the case of his arrest. “Kirill did not send him anything and did not ask for any help,” Serebrennikow’s lawyer Kharitnov is cited, “We assume this is a provocation.”

Hungarian NGO law

On 13th June 2017, the Hungarian parliament adopted the law on the Transparency of Organisations Supported from Abroad. The EU commission now examines the violation of EU laws. The Hungarian NGO law could be a means of obstruction and control in the field of theater when independent troupes with international cooperations would be identified as receiving funds from foreign organisations. Similar cases have been observed in Russia, where EU laws are not to be applied but the effect of control is largely the same in the end.