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Open call for artists rights case studies

The UNESCO Chair ‘Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development’ at the University of Hildesheim (Germany) and its ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE PROGRAM invite experienced researchers from all world regions to apply to undertake one of three studies which will contribute to the university’s ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE OBSERVATORY. The papers shall be researched and written within a period of three months, from mid August until end of October 2018 and will be remunerated with a total of 3.000,- €.

Deadline for submission is August 10, 2018.

Sources: Arts Rights Justice ProgramCall (PDF) at Arts Rights Justice Observatory

Guide on Visas for Schengen Area

After Social Security, Artist Taxation, VAT and Copyright Clearing for Live Events the fifth booklet of the series – Visas for Third Country National Artists Travelling to the Schengen Area was officially presented by Pearle*– Live Performance Europe on the 12 April 2018 in Ljubljana in the frame of the EFA Arts Festivals Summit 2018.

The booklet explains who needs a visa to travel to the Schengen area, the validity of a Schengen visa, types of visa and application procedure. It also gives useful tips for applicants and organisers in the cultural sector.

Download (PDF)

Proud Performing Arts ITI Workgroup

The Proud Performing Arts ITI Workgroup, initiated at the ITI World Congress in July 2017, is starting up. This workgroup will engage in building a global network that aims to empower, encourage and elevate performing arts with a LGBTQ+ perspective and artists working with the matter. The network will be a platform for solidarity and inspiration striving to bring forward the different conditions for LGBTQ+ people all around the world.

  • Proud Performing Arts should be a platform for exchanging experiences.
  • Proud Performing Arts should facilitate distribution of and make visible performing arts with a LGBTQ+ perspective.
  • Proud Performing Arts should inspire to exchange between artists, producers and presenters.

Urgent call: looking for Proud Performing Arts guests at EuroPride 2018
During EuroPride in Stockholm 1-3 August 2018 the workgroup is planning to hold the first network-meeting and would like to invite everyone are interested in working actively with these issues to join. The working group is also looking for lgbtq+ performers to come and take part of the program and perhaps join in workshops and panel talks. Financial means are available from the Swedish Institute to support the visit from specific countries.

Contact via the Swedish ITI: Katinka Richter at o rMaja Alasalmi at

Statements on EU Commission’s new visa policy poposals

Pearle* welcomes the proposal of the European Commission on a new EU common visa policy. The proposal to submit applications already 6 months in advance is a welcome step forward in accommodating the needs of the sector in preparing artistic tours.For artists regularly performing in Schengen countries it will also be an improvement that they will be able to obtain a multiple entry visa valid for up to five years in future, whilst the option for short-term visa at the external border may also respond to the need to be able to invite a third-country national artist for example in the case of a replacement for a specific role in a performance. Pearle* deplores the fact that the Commission proposes to increase the visa fee from 60 Euros to 80 Euros and calls upon the co-legislators to foresee an exemption in the case of visa application by touring groupsas it would put an important financial pressure on the alrea dy vulnerable financial situation of the live performance sector.
In in response to the Commission consultation on the modernisation of EU visa Schengen policy, Pearle* has called in February to improve the visa procedures so that third country national artists and cultural professionals can travel more easily to and in-out the Schengen zone.

Source: Pearle*-Live Performance Europe

State of Artistic Freedom Report 2018

Freemuse, together with PEN Sweden, launched today the State of Artistic Freedom Report 2018 in Stockholm.
The report illustrates the current state of freedom of artistic expression and creativity globally through monitoring, documenting and examining over 500 cases of violations of artistic freedom in 78 countries including in the traditionally democratic West. It exposes how human rights of artists, art communities and ordinary people were violated in 2017 and identifies patterns, tools and contexts of these violations. The report examines how the new world culture of silencing others turns women, minorities, including LGBT communities, into the voiceless and vulnerable at an alarming scale.