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Accusations of embezzlement against Lew Dodin’s Malyi Drama Teatr in St. Petersburg

Russian FSB investigated a case of embezzlement of 645,000 Euro for the construction of Malyi Teatr’s new venue. The internationally renowned theatre has been led by artistic director Lev Dodin for more than 35 years now and belongs to the leading theatre institutions in Russia. The case creates an atmosphere of intimidation, even though the investigations are officially directed at contractors commissioned for the new building.

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Dialog festival: “we have succeeded”!

The festival announces, that all three Polish performances which were canceled before due to cuts of governmental funds, will remain in the program. The success came after launching a fundraising campaign and with the support of the local and international artists community. “Without you” wrote Tomasz Kireńczuk, the Programme Manager, “there would be no 9th ITF Dialog-Wroclaw, which this year’s slogan ‘Onwards! But where to?’ takes on a whole new, significant meaning today.”

Source: Dialog Festival

Berlin’s Volksbühne occupation ended with police raid

Protesters had been occupying the theater since Friday night. They intended to develop a “People’s Stage” over the next three months, as well as an “anti-gentrification center” and a “parliament of the homeless”, running by a collective two-year interim council. After days of negotiations and an ultimatum, allowing the occupiers the use of only the Green Salon and the outside Volksbühnen-Pavillon, Chris Dercon, the recently appointed director of the Volksbühne, filed yesterday a complaint against the occupiers. During the eviction, most activists left voluntarily, while five had to be carried away by police. In 2014, Chris Dercon was part of the jury that awarded Teatro Valle – the occupied theater in Rome – the European Cultural Foundation’s Princess Margriet Award.
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DIALOG Festival in Poland forced to cancel 3 invitations

Two weeks before the opening, the festival is confronted with the situation, that the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage decided to withdraw its funds. The decision was made due to the festival’s decision to invite the very controversial “Klątwa” (The Curse) from Powszechny Theatre Warszaw, directed by Oliver Frljic. The organisers decided now to to cancel 3 Polish spectacles of the main programme: “The Enemy of the People” by Jan Klata from the Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre in Krakow, “Hymn to Love” by Marta Górnicka, which is a co-production of the Polski Theatre in Poznań and the Chorus of Women Foundation, and “One Gesture” by Wojtek Ziemilski from the Nowy Theatre in Warsaw. Tomasz Kireńczuk, the Programme Manager of the 9th Dialog-Wrocław ITF stated: “We maintain the position that an attempt at eliminating artists and phenomena which – due to political and ideological reasons – are disliked by the authorities should be met with unequivocal protest.”

Source: Dialog Festival

Hungarian parliament declares theatre makers to “national security risks”

Hungary’s National Security Committee vice-president and Fidesz VP Szilárd Németh identified three opposition activists by name during a closed-door session of the committee on 12 September. Among them are the stage director Árpád Schilling and Márton Gulyás, co-founder of Schillings theatre group Krétakör. Together with the former “Politics Can Be Different” MP Gábor Vágó they could each be expected – according to Németh – to engage in subversive activities this autumn with the intention of “participating in the disruption of Hungary’s internal order.”

After the law against foreign NGOs and attacks against journalists this is another step of the Hungarian government to criminalize expression of political opposition in the country.

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