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Tel Aviv: Alfa Theatre Threatened

Avraham Oz, Professor Emeritus from the University of Haifa and resident director of the Alfa Theatre Tel Aviv (Israel), has received a letter which accuses the theatre as supporter of terrorists. The letter threatens the group with “immense fines”, “loss of official state recognition” and warned “that you may be charged by a criminal charge insofar as inciting speeches will occur”.

The theatre has scheduled an event under the title “Children in Chains: Detention of Minors on the West Bank and East Jerusalem”, organized by the “Betselem” organization and the “Parents Against Child Detention” for November 20th, the international Children Rights Day. The sender is an organization which sends frequently complaints to the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance. Those complaints were and are used to justify measures against cultural institutions in Israel (see post on Cultural Loyalty Bill). The letter also counts several cases of former repression against theatres.

The Alfa Theatre is a fringe theatre with professional Jewish and Arab actors, working in both languages. Despite the attempts at intimidation, the theatre stands by its programme.

original letter (Hebrew), English Translation

ITI Resolution to Stop the Turkish Attacks Against Northern Syria

At their meeting 19-21 October 2019 in Maribor/Slovenia the representatives of European ITI Centers have signed a resolution, initiated by the Swiss ITI centre,  to stop the Turkish  attacks against Kurdish people in Syria. The resolution calls for immediate action with tangible consequences like the immediate establishment of a no-fly zone over Northern Syria for Turkish war planes, the stop of arms deliveries to Turkey and the suspension of economic and military cooperation with Turkey, and demands a peaceful solution to the war in Syria with the participation of Kurdish people.



Serebrennikov released

A Moscow court has released theater director Kirill Serebrennikov on bail after a year and a half spent under house arrest on criminal fraud charges, Russian news agencies reported this week. Bail terms restricted travel for Serebrennikov, former Seventh Studio general director Yury Itin and former Culture Ministry official Sofia Apfelbaum. A fourth defendant in the case, former Gogol Center director Alexei Malobrodsky, has been under similar travel restrictions since April 2018. The courts’s resent decision has overturned all the defendants’ travel restrictions.
Serebrennikov was detained in August 2017 on charges of embezzling 68 million rubles ($1 million) in government funds as part of a theater project, damages that later doubled to 133 million rubles. Supporters of the Gogol Center’s artistic director say the charges against him are politically motivated.


Turkey entry ban for German theatre director

Photo: Mut !Theatre facebook site

The director and artistic manager of the Hamburg theatre MUT!, Mahmut Canbay, was arrested on his arrival in Turkey for suspected terror. The Yeni Kapi Tiyatrosu in Izmir invited Canbay with a group of young actors from MUT! theatre for two workshops. Canbay had been interrogated for eight hours and received unlimited ban from entering Turkey on Thursday evening. He was denied a lawyer. All emails, contacts and chats on his smartphone were checked. Among other things, he was questioned about a satiric cartoon of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that an acquaintance had sent him by Whatsapp. He was asked why he had not deleted them.  With the accusation of terror propaganda, he was finally put back on an airplane to Germany late in the evening of August 8th. The young actors were picked up by theatre members at the airport and could continue the travel to Izmir. They will return on August 15th.
MUT! was founded by Mahmut Canbay and has existed since 2005. It plays multicultural projects and receives public funding from the city of Hamburg.

Several Germans with a Turkish or Kurdish background have been refused entry into Turkey or were arrested. Seven German citizens are currently being detained in Turkey for political reasons. Meanwhile, the German Foreign Office has warned against publishing criticism of the Turkish government in social media.

Sources: SPIEGEL online, dpa international

Update: National Theatre Tirana

On 24 July, the President of Albania, Ilir Meta, submitted the complete dossier on the subject of the National Theatre to the Constitutional Court. During his visit on July 25th the Secretary General of the OSCE, Thomas Greminger has stated he believes that “all parties” should wait for the decision of the Constitutional Court before proceeding with the issue of the National Theatre. Albania’s Constitutional Court has been defunct for over a year and has a backlog of tens of thousands of constitutional cases, many of which are by citizens against the government. On the same weekend, the first performance took place again on the stage of the National Theatre. At the beginning of the performance the audience shouted “Long live the theatre”, “Down with the dictatorship”, “Long live freedom”.

Sources: exit/Explaining Albania 25-07-2019, and 30-07-2019, FAZ 26-07-2019, TAZ 31-07-2019

Germany: Growing Activities from Far Right Against Public Cultural Institutions

Alternative for Germany, known as AfD, has intensified its political activities against public cultural institutions, mainly the city theatres. In many city parliaments the AFD has used the instrument of Parliamentary Inquiries, to question the work of the theatres and the public funding . AFD fuels also prejudices and moods against migrants. The New York Times (July 19th) has a report.