ACAR at 35th ITI World Congress in Segovia/Spain

ACAR will meet during the 35th ITI World Congress in Segovia to set up its schedule for the next two years. The committee meeting will take place on Wednesday, 19 July, 9:00 at the first “Committee Reunions” section.
We are offering two workshops during the congress:
• Wednesday, 19 July, 17:15-19:00 “Tools and partners for Artists Rights”
Introducing the new Artists Rights Toolkit from our partner organization Artist Rights Justice as well as tactics and networks for artists rights worldwide. Introduced and presented by Ann Mari Engel (Sweden) and Thomas Engel (Germany).
And, together with ITI Germany:
• Thursday, 20 July, 15:15 – 17:00 “Cultural Diversity under Threat?” (see mailout)
Introduced and moderated by Cornelia Dümcke, ITI representative at the UNESCO Cultural Diversity IG Committee.