Anti-Censorship Theater Event… Censored?

A benefit event for the National Coalition Against Censorship is abruptly called off after the theater hosting the show deemed some of the content offensive. Playwrights For A Cause, presented by the Planet Connections arts festival, was to feature new works by Erik Ehn, Halley Feiffer, Israel Horovitz and Neil LaBute, along with discussions about censorship and inclusion in the performing arts. It was scheduled for June 14 at The Sheen Center in New York City, with the proceeds to benefit the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC). The show was canceled this week, especially, because of  LaBute’s play “Mohammed Gets A Boner” and some remarks of some of the panelists who were scheduled to speak about censorship issues.

Source: Anti-Censorship Theater Event… Censored? | National Coalition Against Censorship