Cairo: Detention for “Street Children” theatre group

A North Cairo court decided oatfa_shware_sizedn 2 July 2016 to renew the detention of satirist troupe “Street Children” for yet another 15 days. This latest renewal is the group’s fifth such consecutive ruling totalling 75 days in detention as they await ever-delayed court proceedings pending ongoing investigations. Five of the group’s six members were detained in May, with one later released on bail. The sixth member is being investigated but has not been arrested. The men are accused of using social media to “insult” state institutions, inciting demonstrations, disturbing public order, spreading false news and incitement to topple the regime. The group posts online satirical music videos shot on the streets that lampoon Egyptian politics. One week before their arrest, the group released a video mocking President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and calling on him to leave office.
Local artists and activists created an online petition  on Avaaz calling for the members’ release and to drop all charges against them.

update: On 1st August the Giza Criminal Court rejected satirist troupe Street Children’s second appeal against their lengthy pre-trial detention and further extended their detention by yet another 15 days, meaning that the four members of the group have been in detention for 105 days awaiting an investigation or even a court date. (Freemuse)

update 2: On 7th September a Cairo court ordered the release of four members of the troupe after it granted their appeal over a tenth renewal of their pre-trial detention that would have extended their already four-month-long imprisonment by 15 more days. All six members remain under investigation. (Freemuse)

Sources: ArtsfreedomHuman Rights Watchahramonline