DIALOG Festival in Poland forced to cancel 3 invitations

Two weeks before the opening, the festival is confronted with the situation, that the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage decided to withdraw its funds. The decision was made due to the festival’s decision to invite the very controversial “Klątwa” (The Curse) from Powszechny Theatre Warszaw, directed by Oliver Frljic. The organisers decided now to to cancel 3 Polish spectacles of the main programme: “The Enemy of the People” by Jan Klata from the Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre in Krakow, “Hymn to Love” by Marta Górnicka, which is a co-production of the Polski Theatre in Poznań and the Chorus of Women Foundation, and “One Gesture” by Wojtek Ziemilski from the Nowy Theatre in Warsaw. Tomasz Kireńczuk, the Programme Manager of the 9th Dialog-Wrocław ITF stated: “We maintain the position that an attempt at eliminating artists and phenomena which – due to political and ideological reasons – are disliked by the authorities should be met with unequivocal protest.”

Source: Dialog Festival

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