“Did you get permission?” B-Floor Theatre Group in Bangkok under pressure

bangTheir solo theater performance “Bang La Merd” was premiered 2012, very well received and won several awards. Bang La Merd, ((“District of Violiation”) portrays the violation of rights in Thai society. After three years, the show returned on stage. Before the press preview, a military officer demanded for a written permission though there is no such law requiring a theatre company to do so. Since 20 January, every performance has been observed by three military officers who video- recorded the shows. The show received a lot of support from many media and parties, including human rights and political officers from the UN and the European Union. The hashtag #SupportThaiTheatre spread on social media, along with the sarcastic #ขออนุญาตรึยัง, meaning “did you get permission?” “Bang La Merd” will run until February 9.
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