Improvements for touring artists: European Parliament voted on the revision of Visa Code

On December 4 the European Parliament accepted the Commission’s proposal for a revision of the Visa Code.  The changes in the Visa Code will better recognize the needs of of touring artists and cultural professionals. The European social partners of the live performance sector, represented by EAEA and Pearle* Live Performance Europe have welcomed the possibility for this group of travellers to be able to travel within the Schengen area for up to one year as long as they do not stay more than 90 days in a 180-day period in one single Member State would facilitate the touring needs, increase opportunities for extended tours and thus bring more income to the local and regional economies. It will also reduce the time wasted to leave the Schengen, related costs and loss of income. The other outcomes are also an improvement:

  • possibility to lodge an application already nine months in advance
  • clear definition of the costs included in the visa fees requested by service providers and possibility for applicants to be further allowed to lodge applications directly at consulate
  • possibility to submit visa application in the consulate of the destination country where the employer or host organisation is based
  • a visa fee of 60 EUR for applicants whose data are already entered in the Visa Information System and a reduction of the visa fee to 60 EUR for cultural touring groups

Pearle* and EAEA regret that the complicated and strict system to obtain a Multiple Entry Visa, has not been made easier and clearer for visa applicants.

Source: Pearle* press release