Statements on EU Commission’s new visa policy poposals

Pearle* welcomes the proposal of the European Commission on a new EU common visa policy. The proposal to submit applications already 6 months in advance is a welcome step forward in accommodating the needs of the sector in preparing artistic tours.For artists regularly performing in Schengen countries it will also be an improvement that they will be able to obtain a multiple entry visa valid for up to five years in future, whilst the option for short-term visa at the external border may also respond to the need to be able to invite a third-country national artist for example in the case of a replacement for a specific role in a performance. Pearle* deplores the fact that the Commission proposes to increase the visa fee from 60 Euros to 80 Euros and calls upon the co-legislators to foresee an exemption in the case of visa application by touring groupsas it would put an important financial pressure on the alrea dy vulnerable financial situation of the live performance sector.
In in response to the Commission consultation on the modernisation of EU visa Schengen policy, Pearle* has called in February to improve the visa procedures so that third country national artists and cultural professionals can travel more easily to and in-out the Schengen zone.

Source: Pearle*-Live Performance Europe

State of Artistic Freedom Report 2018

Freemuse, together with PEN Sweden, launched today the State of Artistic Freedom Report 2018 in Stockholm.
The report illustrates the current state of freedom of artistic expression and creativity globally through monitoring, documenting and examining over 500 cases of violations of artistic freedom in 78 countries including in the traditionally democratic West. It exposes how human rights of artists, art communities and ordinary people were violated in 2017 and identifies patterns, tools and contexts of these violations. The report examines how the new world culture of silencing others turns women, minorities, including LGBT communities, into the voiceless and vulnerable at an alarming scale.



The UNESCO Chair ‘Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development’ at the University of Hildesheim (Germany) invites experienced arts professionals and practitioners from all world regions to apply for the second edition of the ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE ACADEMY 2018, September 1 – September 8, at the University of Hildesheim, Northern Germany.
This one-week advanced training course focuses on knowledge-exchange on the threats to artistic freedom worldwide, on understanding the legal and rights framework and the role of civil society in the protection and defense of the right to artistic freedom.

Possibilities for part or full financial assistance are available.
Deadline for application is April 5.
Application link



Survey on Online Harassment

The International Arts Rights Advisors IARA is conducting as survey on online harassment of artists. IARA is concerned that there is a chill on artistic expression as a result of artists being intimidated, trolled, harassed and bullied online in reaction to their artistic and expressive activities. The aim of the survey is to understand the nature and scale of these threats, how they impact on artistic activity in the online space and what steps can be taken in response.
The survey is open until April 15 and will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Accusations of embezzlement against Lew Dodin’s Malyi Drama Teatr in St. Petersburg

Russian FSB investigated a case of embezzlement of 645,000 Euro for the construction of Malyi Teatr’s new venue. The internationally renowned theatre has been led by artistic director Lev Dodin for more than 35 years now and belongs to the leading theatre institutions in Russia. The case creates an atmosphere of intimidation, even though the investigations are officially directed at contractors commissioned for the new building.

Sources: Sueddeutsche ZeitungInterfaxMoscow Times

Documentary Film on Survirors of Kabul Attack 2014

“Heartbeat: Silence after the Explosion” was the performance which was attacked by a suicide bombing on December 11, 2014. When violence hits a second time, some of the artists went back on stage, playing the most daring piece they imaginable, on the streets of Kabul, unprotected.

The new documentary film TRUE WARRIORS tells the story of the actors and the musicians who were on stage that day.

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