Proud Performing Arts ITI Workgroup

The Proud Performing Arts ITI Workgroup, initiated at the ITI World Congress in July 2017, is starting up. This workgroup will engage in building a global network that aims to empower, encourage and elevate performing arts with a LGBTQ+ perspective and artists working with the matter. The network will be a platform for solidarity and inspiration striving to bring forward the different conditions for LGBTQ+ people all around the world.

  • Proud Performing Arts should be a platform for exchanging experiences.
  • Proud Performing Arts should facilitate distribution of and make visible performing arts with a LGBTQ+ perspective.
  • Proud Performing Arts should inspire to exchange between artists, producers and presenters.

Urgent call: looking for Proud Performing Arts guests at EuroPride 2018
During EuroPride in Stockholm 1-3 August 2018 the workgroup is planning to hold the first network-meeting and would like to invite everyone are interested in working actively with these issues to join. The working group is also looking for lgbtq+ performers to come and take part of the program and perhaps join in workshops and panel talks. Financial means are available from the Swedish Institute to support the visit from specific countries.

Contact via the Swedish ITI: Katinka Richter at o rMaja Alasalmi at