Miha Turšič 16 days on hunger strike for Cultural Centre KSEVT in Slovenia

After seven years of financial cuts in Slovenian culture, the co-founder of the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT) in Vitanje/Slovenia, went on hunger strike on 1st of October. The Slovenian theare magazine MASKA declared his demands as “the demands that consider the entire cultural field in Slovenia: demand for competent decision making, demand for proper state of cultural institutions, demand for financing of culture that would be sustainable and according to needs and possibilities of the Republic Slovenia.”
October 16 Miha got the demanded support for KSEVT and ended his hunger strike. In his final press release he said: “Let the case of KSEVT be taken as a warning by political decision-makers: it demonstrates that art and culture are fragile qualities of humanity. There is always too little humanity, so we shall always demand more.”