Turkey: Mass Arrests

On 25 April, 19 days before the parliamentary and presidential elections in Turkey, there have been numerous arrests of Kurds in the morning hours. Police arrested more than 100 persons, including journalists, politicians, lawyers, artists and activists in 21 cities and 19 provinces. The raids, which were carried out as part of an investigation based in Diyarbakır, mainly targeted pro-Kurdish organisations.

The Amed Municipal Theatre, Dicle Culture and Art Association, Mezopotamya Culture and Art Association and other theatre institutions  were raided and many actors were arrested.

In February, more than 50,000 people died in Diyarbakır in the worst earthquake disaster in recent Turkish history, thousands are missing and hundreds of thousands have been left homeless. 

Sources: Bianet.orgTyatro Yasasin (via Twitter), Frankfurter Rundschau