Two pupeteers imprisoned in Madrid

1-titeres-desde-abajo-1On February 6th, Alfonso Lázaro an Raúl García from the group Títeres desde Abajo (Puppets from Below), Granada (Spain), have been imprisoned for a street theatre show, wrongly programmed by the organizers of the Madrid carnival as a family show. The show by the company falls into a very specific tradition, that of knockabout glove puppets, found all over Europe and descended from the Neapolitan Pulcinella. After a blown up campaign in the press and the social networks, based on the accusation that the show justifies terrorism, both puppeteers were imprisoned without bail.
A petition on to free Raúl and Alfonso has alerady more than 51.000 signatures.

Update: Alfonso and Raúl have been released from jail on February 10. Both are still under indictment. A 1:25 min video from that scene of the show which led to governmental intervention is on youtube.

Sources: Puppetring , El Mundo